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Benefits of Membership

As a member, you will receive:

  • a 10% discount on items purchased at the Visitor Center.
  • Quabbin Voices, our quarterly newsletter which will help you explore the past, present and future of this remarkable area, and keep you informed on programs, exhibits and activities at the Visitor Center.
  • The opportunity, as an informed citizen, to become involved in the protection and preservation of the magnificent and irreplaceable treasure called Quabbin.
  • We welcome donations to the Friends of Quabbin. Generally, these are for the general goals of the Friends:

       1) To provide assistance for visitor information concerning the Quabbin Reservation.

       2) To promote through a variety of interpretive, educational, social, scientific, and entertainment programs public awareness, understanding, appreciation, and concern for the Quabbin Reservation and Watershed; a complex ecosystem which provides a valuable and irreplaceable resource for the entire state.

       3) To develop a regional sense of stewardship of the Quabbin Reservation by providing a forum for public expression and decisions that may affect the use and preservation of the natural and historical characteristics that make the area both unique and irreplaceable.

       4) To act as a support group for implementing those aspects of plans and policies for Quabbin consistent with the goals and purposes of Friends of Quabbin.

       5) To work in cooperation with other organizations* both public and private which share mutual goals for the care, monitoring, protection, and wise use of the Quabbin Reservation, a vital water supply resource rich in natural, historical, and recreational values supplying over two million people with drinking water.

    Within that framework there are four areas of special donation created for special efforts by the Friends:

       1) The Coit Memorial Wildlife Research Fund

       2) The Quabbin Park Cemetery Preservation Fund

       3) The Oral History Project Fund

       4) The van Gerven Photo Preservation Fund

    The Friends of Quabbin, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing public enjoyment and appreciation of the unique natural and historical resources of the Quabbin Reservation. Your involvement can help protect these values for future generations.

    How to Contact Us

    Friends of Quabbin, Inc.
    Quabbin Reservoir Administration Building
    485 Ware Road
    Belchertown, MA 01007
    (413) 323-7221
    email Friends of Quabbin